Monday, February 11, 2013

A Sweet Valentine's Novella

Kindle readers, take a look at today's New Release Romance feature, A Dog Named Cupid by Nancy warren. "Laughter, romance and mystery all in one small package." --Dawn, The Kindle Book Review

A Little About A Dog Named Cupid:

Jared Gardiner has an engagement ring burning a hole in his pocket and Valentine's Day is the date he's chosen to propose to the woman he loves, jewelry designer Erin Nash. 

Erin Nash is in love with a wonderful man, has a design business that is thriving and realizes that after some tragedy in her life, she's found contentment. Trust a man to screw that up! Why does he have to propose and ruin everything?

When Jared's six-year-old daughter Sadie hears that Erin isn't going to be her stepmother after all, she decides to take matters into her own small hands. With some help from the canine Cupid.

What a Fan has to say about A Dog Named Cupid:

"Ms. Warren has again created a novella that can be read in one sitting but lasts in the reader's mind for days afterward."--Dawn Edwards, The Kindle Book Review

Grab your copy of A Dog Named Cupid today.

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