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If you're an author, and you'd like for us to review your work, you came to the right place. We plan to add many more reviewers to our staff who are hungry to read and review your work.

**The KRR does not receive payment for our reviews . We receive digital copies in exchange for a fair and honest review. If a reviewer can't get into your work, he or she simply won't write a review. *** We do not review Erotica yet. Sorry.

Please adhere to the the following Submission Guidelines:
  1. Scroll through our list of awesome reviewers below and contact ONE (1) reviewer that best matches the genre of your book.
  2. Write a formal review request to only one reviewer. Include a brief synopsis, the author's name, the title of the book, and a link to your book in the Amazon Kindle store. If we do not receive a formal request, or if you are sending out blanket requests we will not review the book.
  3. Include a digital copy of your book in the format that works best according to the reviewer's specifications.
  4. If the reviewer you contact communicates that they are not interested, feel free to try another one. 
What to expect:
  1. Wait patiently; we get many requests for reviews a week. Our reviewers are not obligated to review your work. If they don't get into your book, you may not see a review. NO HATE MAIL PLEASE. We all know how subjective literature is. You can always contact another reviewer. Please allow between two to four weeks to hear back from the reviewer. If you do not hear back within that time frame, you are free to contact another reviewer.
  2. Expect an honest review. When we opened our doors to reviewing, we changed our policy to accept any small press/indie author no matter how many reviews he or she has received. So be kind to the reviewers and be open to accepting their opinion of your work.
  3. Do not contact the reviewer after he or she receives your ebook. He or she will post your review on their schedule. They are busy people too and don't deserve to be badgered. (The KRR only post our reviews on Amazon, but the reviewer is free to post the review under their name at any site. After all, the review is their intellectual property.)
  4. Feel free to add KBR reviews, or a snippet, to your "product description page" or website. This is our gift to you for allowing us to read your work.
Let me introduce the KRR Reviewers...
These are wonderful people and true lovers of the written word. Be nice to them, or else!

C.J. works as an English language teacher and was formerly a teacher librarian for four years. She is the mother of two boys, works part time and writes for enjoyment. She finds reading on her kindle one of the most relaxing past times.

Having a good book to devour and having that final satisfying Ah… moment, just about tops off her busy days. She likes to read romance and young adult, but will venture out into other genres if the story catches her interest. She prefers kindle format to other formats. No horror or literary works thanks.
Conatct: toblackmore @ (no spaces).

Elizabeth Ann West  @EAWwrites 
Elizabeth writes contemporary fiction with romantic themes. In 2011, mostly on a dare from her husband, she wrote a novel challenging many conventions of the typical romance formulas. Her reading tastes, though, are mostly historical romances, sweetheart/Christian romances, Jane Austen continuations, what ifs? and romances with another genre heavily mixed in. She loves to read new sub-genres, such as romantic steampunk, time travel, scifi, or even paranormal romance as long as it doesn't take place in modern times. A Happily Ever After is not required, though a logical and satisfying ending is. You can reach Elizabeth at eawestwrites at gmail dot com. She prefers mobi formats, but can also read PDF or epub.

Emily Anderson
Emily works as a nurse and is an avid reader. She loves to spend her summers in the hammock at the cabin reading a good book. Emily always carries her kindle with her and always finds a spare moment to read.

She enjoys reading chick-lit, crime/medical novels, mysteries, romance (not historical), and most books with a strong female lead. Please no sci-fi or fantasy. She prefers Kindle formatting and can be contacted at emilylopez313 at gmail dot com

Rachel Dove @WriterDove 
Rachel is a wife and SAHM to two toddlers, educational student and domestic goddess by day. By night she lives in a deep fantasy world of writing, book reviewing and extensive reading. Rachel has worked as a nightclub manager, legal secretary and bar maid. She'll read anything but especially enjoys thrillers and crime novels. You can gift your novel to Rachel or send your kindle format to dovecards at hotmail dot co dot uk

Deborah R @lovetoreadrombk
Deborah works in the pharmaceutical field. She LOVES reading, sewing and quilting. Deborah mostly reads romance; contemporary, historical, western, and suspense, anything with a HEA. Her reviews can also be posted on her blog, Amazon, GR, etc. Preferes kindle and Nook formats. Contact: debr97 at yahoo dot com. Deborah is not accepting submissions at this time.

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