Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"A Nuanced, Well-written Tale"

Take a look at today's contemporary romance mixed with the right amount of family drama. Our featured book is, The Half-Life of Hannah by Nick Alexander. It currently has a 4 star rating with 13 reviews. Grab your copy today.

A Little About The Half-Life Of Hannah:

Hannah is a happily married mother of eleven-year-old Luke. She has moved past the wild dreams of her younger days. Her life is not quite as exciting as she wished it would be, but what mother's is? She lives a normal and balance life.
When she convinces her husband to rent her a relaxing villa in the South of France to share with her sister Jill and their gay friend Tristan, it turns into anything but relaxing. Buried secrets surface and a surprise visitor from Hannah's past force her to question everything she thought she believed about herself.
Is Hannah brave enough to make life-changing decisions to ensure her happiness?

About the Author:

Nick Alexander lives in the southern French Alps with two mogs (Paloma-Paquita & Leon-Pedro), three (nameless) goldfish and a complete set of Almodovar films. His book, The Case Of The Missing Boyfriend was a huge kindle hit, reaching number #1 in Amazon's kindle chart, and remaining in the top ten for over six weeks. It was the 27th best selling ebook in the UK for the whole of 2011. He is the author of nine novels.

What Fans Are Saying About The Half-Life of Hannah:

"Nick Alexander gives us another book full of funny, somewhat damaged and very real characters. Hannah struggles with the challenges her family and friends face while struggling to address her own issues. We all know people just like Hannah and that makes for an engaging read!" --Amazon Reader
"I really enjoyed this book, the setting (Provence) was very evocative and the characters were genuine." --Maggie
"I loved the characters Hannah, Jill and Tristan. I thought that all of the characters were well developed and it was a thoroughly engaging story."--Becky, The Kindle Book Review
Make sure to grab your copy of The Half-Life of Hannah today.


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