Monday, May 28, 2012

An Unexpected Date by Susan Hatler ~ 4.9 Stars

An Unexpected Date by Susan Hatler is quite a surprise. It's not often you get to enjoy a short romance on the go and walk away pleased. Well An Unexpected Date is a romance readers golden nugget. At just 1700 words you can read this on your lunch break and still feel satisfied! I found Susan's writing style sharp and quirky, yet smooth and pleasant, a perfect treat.

Currently, Susan Hatler's short is rated 4.9 stars on Amazon with 10 reviews. Not bad for a little tart! Small book -- big story.

Here's what you'll find inside…
Holly loves living in her cozy mountain town and all the surrounding beauty soothes her soul. She treasures beading jewelry for her own small business while watching nature and its amazing creatures outside her window. But, her mom begs her to move back to the city so she can find a man to marry. Holly doesn’t want to give up on her dreams, but does that mean she’ll have to give up on love?

Here are a few thoughts from other Kindle readers…

An Unexpected Date is a wonderful and perfect release to a stressful or crazy day.” — Cafè of Dreams Book Reviews

It [An Unexpected Date] totally made me smile.” — Getting Your Read On

Susan has a knack for light hearted dialogue and describing the zing in the connection between Holly and Dave....Be on the look out for this delightful morsel.” — Tifferz Book Review

It's hard to find literary treasures in Amazon's huge book mines, but we think you'll enjoy An Unexpected Date especially because it is only 99¢!

Susan also has two books free this weekend: My Last Blind Date and Shaken, but be sure to show your gratitude by picking up a copy of An Unexpected Date.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed Holly's story. Thx for reading!

  2. So nice!! I think I'll drop on by and give it a read!! Can't wait.

    All the Best,
    Rionna Morgan

  3. @Susan, My pleasure.

    @Rionna, Thank you for reading and visiting our new site. We hope you find it a usefull page for finding great books!